For those of you that know me, my creating this blog probably does not come as a shock to you.  For those of you that do not know me, allow me to give a brief explanation of Eyecing on the Cake.  I have said for years now that my desire is to open my own optometry practice with a space adjacent to it for a bakery.  While this dream is a few years (and many student loan repayments) away from becoming a reality, the idea of combining these two pieces of my life is the basis of this blog.

      I like to share, and my intent is to create a fun and educational blog that allows me to share information with patients, friends, and the general public.  The blog will primarily be about vision and eye health, with some cupcake experiments sprinkled in (sprinkled... see what I did there?).  Beyond being educational for readers, this blog will also be educational for me.  I have found that I learn things more thoroughly when I have to explain them to others, so this is a means for me to ensure that I study up and keep current in my field.  Eyecing on the Cake also has the added benefit of giving me a creative outlet, AND an excuse to bake more!